Discussion on European Law and IBA Real Estate Meeting in Dubai, UAE

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The last week in March, we held a meeting in Dubai with various colleagues in which we discussed current trends in European Courts judgments. We spoke about consumer constracts transparency, employees monitoring and its limits, procedural rules in criminal and tax fraud cases, and data protection. 

Following that, I attended the 11th Annual International Bar Association Real State Investments Conference. Intense and revealing working sessions with renowned experts on the various fields. Conferences covered managing complex transactions, the impact of Sharia, negotiation skills, construction contracts, fund structures to invest, and disputes.

We even had time for the Real Estate tour, where we cruised through one of the worlds most amazing cities and found out astonishing future projects.

Anglo-Spanish legal conference hosted by the Law Society of England and Wales

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We had the pleasure to visit the Law Society and attend interesting lectures on the similarities between UK and spanish legal systems.

Our colleagues in London gave detailed information on Family, Inheritance, Corporate and Employment law followed by their spanish counterparts and the always enriching debate.

We thank the Barcelona Bar and the Law Society for the organization of such events as they bring opportunities of future cooperation. 

Guidelines on social media for lawyers

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The International Bar Association has adopted guidelines to assist bar associations and regulatory bodies to ensure that independence, integrity, responsability and confidentiality are maintained in online enviroments as required in practice.

We have a beautiful profession. It is a challenge to keep it that way.

Consilium Iuris Meeting in Darmstadt

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Last April, we attended the meeting of the association. The lectures covered Public Contracts regulation, VAT refund issues and European Order of Payment Procedures.

They were all very interesting as well as the interchange of comments of experiences on the various fields of law and tax advising, provided by the members.

As always, the atmosphere of the various events reflected the good relationship between the participants, coming from similar firms and sharing similar interests.

Consilium Iuris Meeting in Dresden

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We recently joined Consilium Iuris, an international association of lawyers, auditors and tax advisors who service medium sized companies. We focus our efforts on providing personalized advice, committed representation, as well as competent and speedy resolution of problems.

We attended our first meeting in Dresden, in the Hotel NH Dresden Altmark. Very interesting information was exchanged and we started to engage in projects that will develop during the following months.

Outstanding cordiality between the participants in the meeting. Looking forward to the next one in Darmstadt.
Meeting place

Legal link in Frankfurt

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The Barcelona Bar Association and the Rechtsanwaltkammer of Frankfurt organized a commercial bridge joining lawyers from both cities during two days of intensive networking in Frankfurt.

We met very interesting colleagues, extended the services provided to our spanish and international clients, and strengthened the personal ties with other local firms.

Thanks to the organizing Bars, as well as all the german colleagues who opened their practices to us.

First Fair of the Legal Profession in Europe and the Mediterranean Arc

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Our firm participated in the Fair, in which more than 250 law firms were represented. We had the chance to meet and explore working opportunities and joint projects with other professionals, to better serve and protect our clients interests.

Colleagues from many parts of Europe made the fair an impressive exercise of acquiring professional contacts. We have established personal contacts with lawyers from Germany, England, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Morocco and Brazil.

A lot of activity and new professional contacts up to the point of exhaustion. We took advantage of the different systems to be able to browse among many professionals, to later focus on the ones that could provide useful cooperation for our clients, according to the countries and fields they specialized in.

We are happy to announce that we have already worked in specific cases in assistance of colleagues met on the Fair and that we are engaged in joining stable networks of lawyers to continue to provide value to our clients, focusing on their needs and interests.

Prague's "Business and Law in Spain" Seminar

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Our firm recently organized a seminar about diferent aspects on spanish law for czech lawyers in Prague.

The presentations shown at the meeting are inserted at the bottom of the page.

We would like to thank the participants for their attention and the BAR Association of Prague for their generous help.

Participating Lawyers

Daniela Musilova
Gayane Khachatryan
Jana Lelková Schovancová
Klara Dolezalova
Marie Bohácová
Sabina Daňhel Dobešová
Tomás Maratka
Zdenek Fiala
Zuzana Valouskova

Actualidad con trascendencia jurídica

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En este apartado se podrá acceder a noticias relevantes para la justicia o el derecho.

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